Study Abroad in Africa This Fall and Get Free Airfare

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Deciding which courses to take this fall? Check out Augsburg’s own study abroad program to South Africa & Namibia – and get free airfare!

“Decolonizing the Mind: Racial and Environmental Justice” offers Auggies the opportunity to deconstruct environmental and racial injustices felt today by examining the legacies of apartheid and colonization. You will learn from local organizations, community members, and others who call South Africa or Namibia home.

This program is perfect for students who enjoy experiential, hands-on learning. You can use all your financial aid and receive an automatic $1,500 Travel Grant!

Highlights include:

*Travel to two countries (South Africa and Namibia) in one semester – all included in the program price!
*Complete graduation requirements (LAF’s) in: Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Search for Meaning II, Recreational Wellness, and your Augsburg Experience
*[Optional] internships for hands-on work experience in a local organization

Apply by April 1st to join the fall 2023 cohort and receive free airfare for this program!

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