GenEd(it) Revision Update

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Dear Augsburg Community,

Welcome to the first general education revision initiative bi-weekly update!

The General Education Advisory Group, a representative team of faculty, staff and student members, was convened this spring and charged with reviewing our current general education curriculum and proposing revisions by December 2023.

You will find information about the general education revision initiative in the General Education Revision 2023 community Moodle page and Google Drive. Please feel free to share your questions and suggestions in the GenEd(it) Comment Box. These resources are linked below.

We will consult widely on our collective efforts to revise our general education curriculum and look forward to hearing from you.

With gratitude,

The General Education Advisory Group (aka GenEd(it) Group)

Amanda Case, Natural Sciences; Kristen Chamberlain, Humanities; Jennie Diaz, Professional Studies; George Dierberger, Professional Studies; Darcey Engen, Fine Arts; Elaine Eschenbacher, Asst Provost for Experiential Learning; Rukia Gesaade, Student Representative; Marah Jacobson, Asst Provost for Academic Administration; James Vela-McConnell, Social Sciences; Stacy Freiheit, GenEd Director


Internal and external analysis of the general education curriculum

The rationale and timeline were shared at the March faculty meeting


April: Survey invitation about what is essential learning in Augsburg’s general education

May: General education revision workshop


GenEd(it) Comment Box:

General Education Revision 2023 Community Moodle page:

General Education Revision 2023 Google Drive:

March Faculty Meeting Slides: