Tuesday, 2:30-8:30pm Young Adult Coalition Day at the Capitol

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Young people voted in historic numbers to protect our freedoms and our future. Now it’s time for our elected officials to Fund our Future! We can be a state that honors every person’s dignity and create an economy that meets all our needs. We deserve and could have bold climate action, a world class transit system, affordable healthcare for all, Paid Family and Medical Leave, childcare for every child, and an honest and affordable education. On April 11th, we will speak with our collective voice to rally for our values, meet with our elected officials, and learn how to stay engaged.

Take to train with Bonner Fellows and Environmental Stewardship Team to join youth and youth adults from across the state. This is a partner event with ISAIAH and the Young Adult Coalition. Dinner will be provided after sunset.

Please register for this event by following the link below.

Location: Meet in the quad outside of Christensen at 2:30PM or join us at 3PM at the MN State Capitol.

Contact: Elliot Altbaum, Young Adult Coalition Organizer (ealtbaum@isaiahmn.org)

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