Want to Support Girls and Gender Expansive Youth in the Twin Cities? Judge Financial Literacy Debates

submitted by froehlic@augsburg.edu

The Minnesota Urban Debate League is a program of Augsburg University. We provide academic competitive debate to 1,200+ students across 9 districts in the Twin Cities. We find creative ways to adapt and innovate the debate format to meet student needs- and that’s what our financial literacy debate program is designed to do!

Research shows that young women and gender expansive youth have less knowledge and confidence in their financial literacy.

We know that debate helps students build their knowledge, skills, and confidence in its regular format- and that other urban debate leagues have seen a 35% increase in financial literacy thanks to similar programming! Help us make it possible here in the Twin Cities- volunteer!

Our Financial Literacy tournament this year will take place on Saturday, June 3 from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM at Augsburg University. Students will be debating about financial institutions and which is best for individual needs based on a profile presented to them upon entering the debate round.

The affirmative team will always argue that a large national bank is best and the negative team will choose whether they want to argue that a credit union, community bank, or neobank is best for the profile presented.

This opportunity includes judging 3 debate rounds and then attending a networking lunch where students can chat with their judges about their financial interests, questions, etc.
We need volunteers to make it happen! Please sign up if you meet the following criteria:
• Have significant financial knowledge (judges are typically financial professionals)
• Identify as women, or gender expansive(since this program was created for students that identify in this way)

If you have any questions, please let us know! We hope to hear from you soon or see you at the tournament!

SIGN UP TO BE A JUDGE HERE: https://mnudl.augsburg.edu/volunteer-opportunities/