Calling All Cocktail and Mocktail Lovers – DIY Cocktail Kits for Sale

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Hello! I’m Marisa Benasutti, the Campus Kitchen gal on campus! I also co-own and co-manage a small organic veggie farm. We sell “Cocktail Shares” which is a box of drinks that we make with fresh herbs, flowers and produce from the farm. Each box contains 3 drinks that each make 2 cocktails/mocktails. We still have a few shares available for the season!

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Here’s some more details: At Moshky Farm, we think plants should be experienced in all possible ways using all our senses. While CSA boxes are focused on food and cooking, we also love to experience the farm in a glass. Cocktail shares will be offered once per month June-Oct for a total of 5 boxes. Each box contains 3 cocktail (or mocktail) bases which each make 2 cocktails. Each box will include everything you need except the booze. You’ll receive recipes, mixology tips, and other tidbits for each drink.

Mother nature is ultimately the boss of the final calendar. Boxes are expected to begin the end of June and we will follow-up with a calendar of monthly pick-up dates closer to June.

*BYOB- everything you need is included except the booze.

Here’s an idea of what might go in each box:

+ Cocktail bases (just add booze! Or add another included mixer for a mocktail)

+ Fresh herb for muddling & garnishes

+ Dehydrated fruit/vegetable garnish

+ finishers such as tonic, soda water, lemon

+ Moshky grown herbal tea blend

Your first box will include beautiful glassware and a tea infuser.