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Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Social Workers MN Chapter

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Lifetime Achievement Award – Nancy Rodenborg, MSW, LGSW, MIA, PhD

Dr. Rodenborg was a United Nations volunteer in Somalia in the early 1980’s, setting the stage for her life-long commitment to transcultural relationships and international development with a global perspective. Since then, she has dedicated her research to understand the interactions between cultures and to apply that understanding particularly for the well-being of those who are newcomers, immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, and/or from historically oppressed groups. Her dissertation research focused on the influence of institutional racism and discrimination in child welfare cases, building on her prior work as a child protection social worker or supervisor in Brown, Dakota and Hennepin Counties in Minnesota and a child protection trainer in Oregon. Her work embodies the link between theory and practice in the field of social work.

In addition to her teaching and research on diversity and inequality, Dr. Rodenborg has been a leader in global education, helping develop the Social Work in Mexico semester and leading student educational groups to Norway and Namibia, and implementing diversity curriculum programs including the Intergroup Dialogue method. Her research on intergroup dialogue and aversive racism is pioneering in the field and has helped frame the multicultural foundations of Augsburg’s MSW program. Dr. Rodenborg is also a remarkable collaborator who has partnered on numerous projects with faculty colleagues in her department, University, and with community partners, and has served on boards and commissions in community, nonprofit and educational settings.

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Compensation to Participate in a Auggie Skate Test Research Proposal

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Dear Augsburg Students, Faculty, and Staff,
You are invited to participate in a research study on Predicting Maximal Oxygen Consumption with a Single Stage Auggie Skate Test. Research subjects are asked to be within 25-55 years old, healthy, active, moderately-fit male or female, and is a competent skater. You will be asked to complete a bruce protocol treadmill test to volitional fatigue and to return 48 hours later to complete a leisurely ice skating assessment. You will be compensated upon completion of each test with a $5 cash for a total of $10.
If you are interested e-mail

The Sabo Center Needs Your Help

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Dear Colleagues,

On July 10-12, the Sabo Center will be hosting a national conference on campus for the Place-Based Justice Network (read more about it by clicking on the link, below). As part of that conference, on Thursday, July 11, we will be having an evening reception hosted by the McKnight Foundation at their offices in downtown Minneapolis. We would like to be able to offer van shuttles (we have athletic vans reserved) between campus and the McKnight Foundation, and from the McKnight Foundation back to campus. Our Sabo Center staff is stretched thin staffing the conference, which is where we need YOUR help if you are a certified van driver!

We are looking for TWO certified athletic van drivers to drive conference attendees from campus to McKnight (downtown Minneapolis), running continuously from Foss Center to McKnight between 5:45-6:30p.m. and from McKnight back to Foss Center from 7:30 to 8:15 p.m.

You are welcome to attend the reception between the driving shifts, and we are offering a $25 gift card to each driver! You can also use community service hours if you choose.

Please respond to Green Bouzard ( by June 21 if you are available and interested!

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Human Rights Forum Newsletters

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Updates and news regarding the Human Rights Forum are sent out regularly between May and October, and we encourage you all to sign up to receive the newsletter stating any program development as well as confirmed speakers.

If you have received newsletters in the past, there’s no need to sign up again, but please note that due to the name change (Human Rights Forum), the new URL is not easily recognizable for Augsburg recipients due to IT security.

Please check you spam/junk folders and change the status of the newsletter to “not junk”. That way the next newsletter submission will beautifully end up in your regular inbox. Just the way we want it!

And for ALL newcomers, please follow the link below to sign up to receive the newsletters.

Any questions? Contact Bettine x1378

Newsletter Sign-Up

Can you believe it? 240 AP Educators on campus this week

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Tomorrow, we will be welcoming 210 Advanced Placement (AP) high school teachers to campus Tuesday, June 18 through Friday, June 21. They will be participating in one of thirteen workshops for the entirety of the week. We have hired College Board endorsed consultants to teach these courses. They will be starting off in Sateren on Tuesday morning at 8:30 am, and the classes will run in Hagfors and OGC for the entirety of the week. They will also be eating lunch on campus in the dining hall each day. On Friday, June 21, we will welcome another 30 AP Coordinators who will be in a workshop from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm in the Marshall Room. During the week, there will be an opportunity for them to take campus tours with one of our Admission Ambassadors, meet some Augsburg faculty and staff, and also go to a workshop with Robert Gould on “Writing Effective Letters of Recommendation”.

The teachers will be coming from 17 states and 3 countries. There will be more than 150 school districts represented throughout the week. 130 teachers are from MN! This is a great opportunity to showcase Augsburg University and raise Augsburg’s profile with teachers who are working with exceptional students. Please help make them feel welcomed while they are on campus. You can learn more about the Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI) here:, and if you have any questions about the institute, please email

Augsburg 2019 APSI

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2003 Honda Accord For Sale

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2003 Honda Accord EX-L for sale AS IS.

This 4-door sedan runs GREAT and has all-new brakes (October 2018) and a brand new steering column pump (March 2019). The interior is all leather, heated driver and passenger seats.

203,000 miles and going strong!

I am selling the car AS IS. The car has some body damage due to a recent run-in with a deer: the left headlight needs to be replaced, and the front hood is indented and needs to be fixed before a next oil change. The front bumper has some significant cracks from the cold winter, but could simply be more firmly re-attached where it was jostled by the deer. However, the car is running perfectly otherwise and I have been able to drive it without any problems.

Even with the recent front-end damage, this car is worth $3,500. I’m selling it for $2,000.

Please contact me (Green Bouzard, if you want more information. See the link below for photos.

Honda Accord For Sale Photos