Parking on campus this week

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Our teachers had a great first day on campus. To everyone who helped each of them find Sateren, a classroom, or where to eat lunch…thank you! You may have noticed parking got a little tight on Tuesday. We anticipate parking to be very similar for the rest of this week as our participants are parking in Lots A, D and L. On Friday, we will be welcoming an additional 30 people to campus for an AP Coordinator workshop. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this time of higher demand for parking, and thanks for everything you’re doing to make our teachers feel welcomed at Augsburg! Please email with any concerns or questions.

As a reminder, these teachers are coming from 17 states and 3 countries. There are more than 150 school districts represented throughout the week with about 130 teachers residing in MN! This is a great opportunity to showcase Augsburg University and raise Augsburg’s profile with teachers who are working with exceptional students.