Welcome to 30 AP Coordinators

submitted by updike@augsburg.edu

Today is our last day of the APSI. The teachers have commented on how welcoming everyone has been and have really enjoyed the facilities and their experience at Augsburg. Thanks for making them feel so welcomed!

We are topping off the week with 30 AP Coordinators today. The Coordinators are often administrators or teachers who get release time to organize the very important logistics around AP curriculum and exams in their schools. There are some significant changes coming this year, so Augsburg is offering a free workshop to the Coordinators so they can be adequately prepared for the new changes this year. They will be in the Marshall Room for their workshop, and the registration will take place in Christensen Center.

Thank you all for making Augsburg an amazing place for these educators to visit during a week of their summer “vacation”!!

2019 Augsburg APSI