Are you Fluent in Spanish? Volunteer Virtual with the Spanish Debate League

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Are You Fluent In Spanish?
Volunteer Virtually This Spring

The Minnesota Urban Debate League is a program of Augsburg University. We provide academic competitive debate to middle and high school students in the Twin Cities. Our programs, including the Spanish Debate League, help students succeed through academic and personal development!

The Spanish Debate League returns virtually this spring. In this program, students learn debate skills while competing and practicing entirely in Spanish. The community chose this year’s topic – the ethics of eating animal products.

We need judges to make it happen! Being a judge is easy and fun. Debate judges listen to students, share feedback, and choose the winner! No experience required! We are just looking for people who are fluent in Spanish and want to support students. Questions? Email us at

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Spring Spanish Debate Tournament Dates:

* All spring judge shifts begin between 3 and 4 pm, and last 3-4 hours.
Stay tuned for more opportunities!

April 13th, 21st, 29th
May 5th, 12th, 19th

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