TODAY Info Session: Study Abroad in Namibia and South Africa at 11:25 a.m.

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Come to learn about the Augsburg CGEE semester in Southern Africa – a study abroad program available to all Auggies:

INFO SESSION: Thursday, March 10

11:25-11:55 – presentation

12:00-1:00 – Meet and greet with Pinias Kashedi, Global Faculty from Namibia

in the Riverside Room, next to the Cafeteria in Christensen Center

The semester program in Southern Africa is particularly great for students with a major, minor, or strong interest in history, political science, religion, CRES, or for those who wish to do an internship in a related field. It is available in both Fall and Spring semesters. Fall 2022 participants will get free airfare!

Students learn about historical and present-day challenges in creating national identity, an inclusive multi-party democracy, and a model for development. Studying Namibia and South Africa’s model and approach to such issues provides a useful context for understanding globalization and nation-building struggles throughout the world. Gain hands-on work experience in a development agency through an academic internship for credit. Earn additional credit in Political Science, Religion, Interdisciplinary Studies, or History, as well as Augsburg Experience.

CGEE in Southern Africa is one of the more affordable study abroad options for Auggies – use all of your financial aid, receive an additional automatic $1500 travel grant, and apply for additional study-abroad scholarships to add on.

Applications for the Fall semester are due April 1. Get program details, course lists, and lots more information at the link below.

Learn more about the CGEE Southern Africa program here