Upcoming Events

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Hello Auggies!

We hope you have a great and restful spring break. When you return to campus there will be a bunch of exciting end of year events! We’ve highlighted an array of big events that will be happening on campus and encourage you to check them out and attend what appeals to you.

Come meet new people, celebrate holidays, announcements, and enjoy the end of year festivities! What a way to end the year with a bang!

Upcoming Events:
QIPOC – Gaymer Smash (3/22)
ASMTA – Karaoke Night (3/23)
PASU – Afrikan Week: Open Mic (3/28)
PASU – Afrikan Week: Paint N’ Trap (3/29)
PASU – Afrikan Night & After Party (3/31)
AASA – Annual Asian Celebration Show (3/24)
ASAC – Enchanted Forest Ball (3/26)
Campus Life – Augsburg Leadership Awards (4/3)
ISO – ISO Banquet (4/7)
AISA – Senior Graduate Honoring Banquet (4/16)
ALAS – End of the Year Banquet (4/16)
QPA – Queer Prom (4/16)
PASS x AASA x HWT – Pan-Asian Banquet (4/19)
MSA – Iftar Dinner (4/22)
ASAC – Senior Party (4/28)
PASU – End of the Semester Cookout (4/29)

Reach out to organizations directly with any questions about their specific events*