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Goals of GenEd Survey

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Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

We want to hear from you! If you haven’t already, please complete the brief, 5-10 minute, anonymous online Goals of General Education survey:

Your responses will inform proposed revisions to our general education curriculum. Survey findings will be shared during the Days in May workshop on Wednesday, May 10th, and in a written report available at the end of May. Thank you to everyone who has responded to the survey. We appreciate your recommendations.

With gratitude,

The General Education Advisory Group (aka GenEd(it) Group)
Amanda Case, Kristen Chamberlain, Jennie Diaz, George Dierberger, Darcey Engen, Elaine Eschenbacher, Rukia Gesaade, Marah Jacobson, James Vela-McConnell, Stacy Freiheit

+ Reviewed preliminary findings from the online Goals of General Education survey.
+ Met with chairs and directors. Discussed recommendations for collaboration.

May: General education revision Days in May workshop on May 10th
June: Meet with Staff leaders about general education revision

Goals of General Education Survey Link:
GenEd(it) Comment Box and summary of comments received so far:
General Education Revision 2023 Community Moodle page (self-enrollment is available):
General Education Revision 2023 Google Drive:

Please contact Stacy Freiheit, General Education Director, at with questions.

New Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Faculty Working Group

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Join other faculty to learn about trauma-informed pedagogy and ways to implement trauma-informed strategies into your fall courses. We will meet for two in-person sessions in May (16 and 18), gather on Zoom in August to share intended practices, and enjoy two meals together (in October & November). A stipend of $800 will be awarded to participants. Leaders of the working group are Jennie Diaz (Education), Mary Lowe (Religion & Batalden Faculty Scholar), and Erin Sugrue (Social Work). Please submit a short application (150-300-words) that addresses these questions: Why are you interested in participating in the trauma-informed pedagogy working group? How will learning about trauma-informed pedagogy help you better meet the needs of Augsburg’s students? Email your response to by Saturday, May 6th. This opportunity is funded through the Batalden Faculty Scholars Program in Applied Ethics.

General Announcements

Where Is Your Mail Going?

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As we near the end of another year please don’t forget to take care of your campus mailbox. This includes checking it for any mail, returning your lock and filing out the survey for what you would like us to do with your mail after this semester.

Two weeks after the spring semester ends (May 15, 2023) we will be closing all student campus boxes. Then in August before the fall semester starts we will reassign them (possible new numbers) to all students living on campus. Commuter students can then request to have a campus box if they would like one.

If you would like your mail forwarded or would like to keep your mailbox open for the summer, please either fill out this survey ( or send us an email ( with any relevant information. There is also an option to be reassigned your current campus box number for the next semester if you will be returning in the fall.

We are only able to forward 1st Class USPS mail and packages. Other packages (UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc.), magazines, non-profit mail and standard mail will not be forwarded. We can also only forward to USA addresses. The forwarding period for the Augsburg Mailroom is two months from when the request is submitted. Afterward any additional mail we receive will be returned to sender.

We request that you contact the people/business sending you mail and update your address with them. Enrolling in online/electronic bills or statements can also be a smart option. It is environmentally friendly, secure and will often save you time (and sometimes money). Asking us to forward your mail does not change your mailing address with the post office or the University, just the Mailroom.

End of the year Campus Box survey

Need Event Decor? Floral Wall Hangings and Craft Supplies Available

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Are you looking for decorations to spruce up your graduation party or baby shower? Maybe you want to make a selfie wall for another event? I have some decorations to give away. They are made with craft paint and paper plates. They look similar to the ones on this website, except mine are painted with pastel paint:

I made them for a fundraising breakfast event where we didn’t end up needing them. I have about 25 made already. I will give you the craft paint, paper plates, and brass fasteners needed to finish the job if you have a reason to put them to good use.

Interested? Please email First one who can pick it up from me at Augsburg will be the first to get them.

Year-End Expense Deadline

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Invoices, Expense Reports and Payment Authorization Forms:

Please submit invoices, expense reports, payment authorization forms, etc. for goods or services received on or before May 31, 2023 by Friday, June 9, 2023. All expenses need to have proper coding and approvals. Please email invoices to or drop them off at the Business Office, Science Building Suite 148.

If you have not received an invoice from a vendor for goods or services received or delivered by May 31, please contact Carole Kampf ( X1260) by Friday, June 9, 2023.

Checks and Cash:

If you have checks and cash that need to be deposited for Fiscal year 2023, please bring to the Business Office, Science Building Suite 148 by Wednesday May 31, 2023. Our office is open Tuesday through Fridays 8:00am to 3:00pm.
Thank you for your prompt attention and cooperation!

New Staff Positions This Week (4)

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The following Augsburg Staff positions were posted within the past 7 days:

04/27/2023: Public Safety Officer
04/26/2023: Food Justice Program Coordinator
04/26/2023: Counselor, Center for Wellness and Counseling
04/25/2023: Accounts Payable Specialist

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Event Announcements

5k Run/Walk on May 6

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Run for the Health of It! Join us in supporting the PA Program’s Student Society and gather donations for the Health Commons!

We are hosting a 5k run/walk up at Snail Lake on May 6th at 5:30pm. Register for our in-person race and join us on the route or run from home with a virtual option!

Registration is $30/person and includes a bib and steel water bottle. Snacks and water will be provided, and we will have prizes at the end!

Donations are welcome if you cannot attend!

5k Signup and Donation Link

Radical Self Care in Uncertain Times with Dr. Joi Lewis, May 9

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Title: Find Calm in Chaos: Radical Self-Care in Uncertain Times

Date: Tues., May 9th

Time: 1:30-3:00

Location: virtual

For a variety of reasons, employees across the globe are feeling deep levels of burnout and languishing that, for many, has led to “quiet quitting” or literal quitting. We know that these challenges are often experienced even more acutely by BIPOC and non-majority employees, who exist within systems of oppression and who are often called on to do the work of dismantling those systems in more emotionally laborious ways. Given the increasing complexity of our work, as well as the emotional toll of the last handful of years, many Augsburg employees have expressed desire for opportunity for connection, engagement, and time to prioritize professional and personal care. This session, provided with the support of President Pribbenow and the Health and Well-Being Task Force, offers space for employees to take time out of the demand for productivity to intentionally focus on the health and well-being of ourselves as individuals within the Augsburg community.

From Dr. Lewis:

This session is a gift of time and space to take a deep breath together in community. We explore practices of Radical Self-Care and being “awake” that help create space for wellness, and thereby interrupt the effects of toxic stress and trauma, especially related to the world pandemic and racial injustice. By the end, participants connect with themselves and others more deeply and practice healthy expressions of grief, pain, and joy. Strengthening our foundations around radical self-care can help us all show up for ourselves, our loved ones and our community.

Event Registration:

If you need any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please call the University Events Department at 612.330.1104 or email in advance of your participation or visit.

Topic: Key Challenges in the Transitional Workplace

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During the third Leadership Development series, we will explore some of the key challenges leaders face in the transitional workplace. The world has seen significant cultural shifts which have led to challenges such as working remotely, managing hybrid teams, keeping employees engaged, and more. Leaders are being called on to navigate myriad challenges and transformations. In this interactive series, you will hear panelists across domains candidly discuss what they’ve learned about leading in this environment and how you can develop your skills to flourish in this ‘new normal.’

Thursday, May 11, 2023
Join our alumni, current students, and friends of the MA in Leadership program for food, drink, and conversation
5:15 PM – PANEL
Panel Discussion: Key Challenges in the Transitional Workplace
Panelists: Adora Land Tolefree of the African American Leadership Forum, Ivan Stegic of TEN7 Interactive, and Sheila Hines Edmonson of University of Minnesota Physicians
Emcee: Lisa Zeller, ’89 of The Phaedrus Group
Moderator: Tiffany Moore, Leadership Consultant and MA in Leadership Student

Leadership Development Series III – THURSDAY, May 11, 2023

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