Panel Discussion: Key Challenges to the Transitional Workplace

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We have a few spots remaining! Register today! This us event is free and hosted by the MA in Leadership program.

The MA in Leadership program is hosting its final Leadership Development session of the academic year, May 11 from 4:30-7:00pm. The session will include networking while enjoying refreshments and a panel discussion.

Topic: Key Challenges in the Transitional Workplace
During the third Leadership Development series, we will explore some of the key challenges leaders face in the transitional workplace. The world has seen significant cultural shifts which have led to challenges such as working remotely, managing hybrid teams, keeping employees engaged, and more. Leaders are being called on to navigate myriad challenges and transformations. In this interactive series, you will hear panelists across domains candidly discuss what they’ve learned about leading in this environment and how you can develop your skills to flourish in this ‘new normal’.

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