Abdulkadir Sharif Interning with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

submitted by shafer@augsburg.edu

Abdulkadir Sharif ‘20 has finished his first semester at Georgetown School of Foreign Service studying for a Master’s in International Security funded by a Pickering Fellowship. This summer, as part of his Pickering Fellowship, Abdul will be interning in D.C. with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of the Global Leaders Division. He will be focusing on public diplomacy efforts in the Western Hemisphere and Sub-Saharan Africa. Next summer he will have an overseas placement with the foreign service. Once he completes his internships and master’s he will enter the foreign service as a U.S. diplomat. In addition to winning a Pickering, Abdul won a Boren African Flagship Initiative award where he studied Swahili at the University of Florida and in Tanzania. He also won a Public Policy and International Affairs Junior Summer Institute Scholarship to study at Princeton as well as an Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in the Netherlands. Abdul’s accomplishments are inspiring. Congratulations, Abdul!