Augsburg Policies Regarding Cannabis Use

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Starting on August 1, Minnesota became the nation’s 23rd state to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults 21 years of age and older. This notice outlines Augsburg University policies regarding marijuana in light of the new state law.

Although cannabis will be legal under Minnesota state law, it is still illegal under federal law in almost all forms. In accordance with the federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, Augsburg will continue to:

***Prohibit the use, possession, and distribution of cannabis (medical and recreational) on campus or at any off-campus activity sponsored by or affiliated with the university (e.g., athletic events, conferences, retreats, class trips, internships, remote work, etc.).

***Prohibit all students from being under the influence of cannabis while on campus or while participating in off-campus activities sponsored by or affiliated with the university.

***Prohibit any student under the age of 21 from using, possessing, or distributing cannabis, both on and off campus.

Any individual alleged to have violated these policies will be subject to the university’s Conduct Adjudication Process (for students) or procedures outlined in the Employee Handbook (for employees).

The Center for Wellness and Counseling and the StepUP® program are available as free and confidential resources for students with additional questions or concerns related to substance use. Employees are encouraged to refer to the Employee Assistance Program for support with substance abuse concerns.