Support for Victims of Queer Hate Crime

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TW// Mass Shooting, Queer Hate Crime, Mention of Death

On August 11th, a mass shooting occurred. This was a hate crime against the queer community. One person heartbreakingly lost their life, and six other people were wounded after one or more people opened fire. Nudieland is in the neighborhood of East Phillips, where the shooting occurred. It is a DIY venue that is an extremely pivotal space for Queer people, such as myself, in Southside. DIY venues like Nudieland are important for the Southside community, especially for those who are queer and marginalized. It is a space of support, community, creativity, and love. Again, this was targeted violence, not senseless as many news sources and MPD have claimed.

If you would like to learn more about this event, Reckon News has an article titled “Nudieland, a haven for queer and trans punks, shattered by hate-fueled mass shooting,” Otherwise please donate or share the Go Fund Me linked below to support the victims and those affected. We keep us safe <3 Support for victims of Nudieland shooting in Mpls