Multi-Factor Authentication Requirement for Students Begins December 21

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This year, Augsburg has committed to improving its cyber-security awareness in an effort to protect against cyber threats and to protect your data. As part of this initiative, Augsburg is implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Starting December 21st, Multi-Factor Authentication, using Duo, will be required for online services using Inside Augsburg for the login. These include tools like email, Moodle, Zoom, and more. Since this is a noticeable change to how you access your Augsburg online tools, we encourage you to opt-in to using Duo before December 21st..

To do so, please take the following steps…

(1) Download the “Duo Mobile” app from your phone’s app store.

(2) Enroll your phone and Duo Mobile app at

(3) Use the opt-in form at to sign up to begin using Duo.

Our Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ can answer many questions about this change. This stage in our continued journey to improve information security is an important one and we look forward to a smooth transition to a more secure digital environment.