Public Safety and Facilities Announcements

Urness Hall Electrical Upgrades Continue Today

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This week, technicians will replace Urness Hall’s existing fuse boxes with circuit breakers—an upgrade that will modernize the current system and streamline electrical service going forward. From December 19–21, power will be shut off between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on three floors per day to complete these upgrades. The upgrades are scheduled for floors 1-3 on Monday, 4-6 on Tuesday, and 7-9 on Wednesday. Residence Life will communicate to any students on campus about the daily schedule.

Teaching and Learning

Faculty: Apply for Travel Funds by January 1 for Travel March-May 2023

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If you plan to attend or present at a conference (or engage in other professional development that requires funding) March 2023 through May 2023, the deadline for requesting funds from the Faculty Development (aka CTL) budget is January 1, 2023. Because this is a holiday, please make sure your applications are in early!!

You may apply at any time before the deadline; all requests will be reviewed and a decision communicated no later than January 3, 2023. You can find the request form, as well as all deadlines and a full description of the criteria used to allocate funding this year, on the CTL Ongoing Grant Offers webpage (link below).

As always, if you have any questions please contact

CTL Ongoing Grants Offers webpage

Mentoring Program for New (and New-ish) Faculty Launch

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The Faculty Development Program at Augsburg (aka CTL) is launching a Faculty Mentoring Program for recently-hired faculty. The mentoring program will begin in January-February 2023, and all full-time, tenure track faculty members who began at Augsburg in Spring 2020 or later are welcome to register to participate in this inaugural cohort. To indicate your interest, please complete the Faculty Mentoring Program Interest Form posted below. We will use the information provided on the form to recruit experienced faculty mentors that align with your needs and priorities. To ensure a place in this program, please submit your form no later than Friday, December 23, 2022.

We’re excited to offer this opportunity to all our new-ish faculty! If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer L. Bankers-Fulbright, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at or

Faculty Mentoring Program Interest Form

Attending to Attendance: Creating a Course/Policy That Works

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CTL invites you to join Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright (Biology & CTL Director) and Audrey Lensmire (Education) for a 90-minute Zoom workshop Wednesday, January 4, 2023 from 10 – 11:30 am. This workshop, inspired by faculty discussion at the December faculty meeting, has been specifically created for Augsburg teaching faculty who are experiencing frustration related to student attendance in their courses and would like to do something about it that meets both instructor and student needs. This workshop will ask you to think about why you have your current attendance policies, what isn’t working and what do you want to happen, followed by time to literally “workshop” your Spring course policies with others who have similar issues (as well as some solutions!). Faculty who have successful attendance policies in their course are also encouraged to attend to act as peer mentors!

If you have any questions, would like to request accessibility accommodations, or would like to “officially register” as a peer mentor, please contact Jennifer L. Bankers-Fulbright, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at or

Looking forward to a productive start to Spring 2023!

CTL Attending to Attendance Zoom link

General Announcements

New Staff Positions This Week (4)

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The following Augsburg staff positions were posted within the past 7 days:

12/16/2022: Advancement Services Assistant, Temporary
12/15/2022: Electronic Resources and Metadata Librarian
12/13/2022: Program Coordinator – MN Urban Debate League (Temporary Position)
12/13/2022: Graduate Assistant Women’s Volleyball

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Augsburg Web Updates on December 22

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On December 22, 2022, we will be performing a technical update to  As a result, we are asking everyone to refrain from making any webpage updates on 12/22/2022. If you make updates on that day, they will need to be resubmitted on 12/23/2022 because the updates won’t carry over during the technical update. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jasvir Singh, web manager, at

Short Study Abroad/Away Courses – Earn Credit Off Campus This Summer

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Travel! Earn Credits! Complete Augsburg Experience!

Short-term study abroad & away in Summer 2023 – check out the awesome program options below:

• travel in May 17-31, 2023
• 2 courses. ENL + SOC/URB :
•ENL 280: Genres: Speculative Fiction (4 credits), Humanities LAF
•SOC/URB 111: City Life: Intro to Urban Sociology (4 credits), SBS LAF, or
•SOC/URB 295: Sustainable Solutions in The Netherlands (4 credits), elective

• Summer 2023 Term 1, travel to Walnut Grove, MN
• Choose 1 course, with optional INS add on:
*** SOC 495 – Sociology topics elective or
*** THR 295 -Topics in Theater – LAF Fine Arts
*** INS 292 – 2 credits – optional

• Travel in May 2023
• Choose 1 science course and/or the religion course:
*** CHM 102 with Lab: fulfills Science w/ Lab (does not count toward Chm major or minor)
*** SCI 490: Integrated Science Keystone Integrated Science
*** RLN 205: Topics in Religion – may fulfill Search for Meaning II or Humanities LAF


• Travel in May 2023
• Choose 1 course:
*** ECO 315: Money and Banking
*** BUS 362: International Business

• Spanish language courses: beginner to advanced levels, as well as specialty courses in Medical Spanish and Spanish for Ministry
• 4 study sessions in summer – choose the one (or more!) that works for you

Got questions? Get in touch:

Check out all the program offerings here

Duo Mobile and New Phones

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The holiday season is a time for gifts and often those gifts are new phones. When moving to a new phone, ensuring your Duo Mobile is working will be important as Duo Mobile is required to access online services like email and Moodle. You could be unable to access these online services until your Duo Mobile is re-setup.

Here’s some tips for a smooth phone transition:

1) Use the iCloud backup and restore feature of your iPhone when moving your phone apps and data to a new iPhone. Tutorial:
This will likely ensure Duo Mobile will still be registered in your new phone. This assumes your phone number is staying the same. Android phones may not transfer automatically.

2) If you run into trouble and still have your old phone, you can enroll your new phone at Keep in mind you will need to use your old phone to approve your login in order to enroll the new phone. Keep your old phone on WiFi to receive the Duo prompt.

3) Set up Duo Restore in the Duo Mobile app by following the directions at

You can always contact your LFC (faculty and staff) or the Tech Desk (students) for help. With limited hours over the holiday break, responses may be delayed.

Event Announcements

Hygge and Jolabokaflod: Reading Recommendations From Your Librarians

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Are you ready for hygge and Jolabokaflod? Cozy up with a warm beverage and a book to celebrate the Christmas book flood!

As we slide into the holiday break, Lindell Library’s staff are here to help you find a good book to read for fun (or to find the perfect gift for a book lover in your life).

You can get recommendations TWO ways (in-person option unavailable due to snow):

1) Hop on Zoom to talk to Paul on Wednesday (12/21/22), 3-4 pm:

2) Fill out this form for emailed recommendations:

Finally, you can bookmark our webpage for book recommendations for updates and book lists throughout the year:

Keeping Track of Auggies

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PA Program Seeking Gynecological Simulated Patients

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The Augsburg PA program is seeking biological females who are interested in being a gynecological (GYN) simulated (SIM) patient for our Physician Assistant students. This position is a time block of 4-5 hours during our spring semester. Reimbursement is per pelvic exam at a rate of $65 per exam, with an average of 6-8 exams per session.
For a full job description, dates and time, please contact Stacey Hegrenes 612-330-1373