Fine-Tune Your Gradebook Before Finals

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Your E-learning team is ready to help with any last minute adjustments to your Moodle gradebook. Below are a few tips to ensure your grades are clear and accurate for both you and your students.

By default, empty grades are not included in Moodle Gradebook calculations; only entered grades are included. This means that if instructors want students to have an accurate understanding of their progress in a course, a value must be inserted into the points window. If students have not submitted an assignment, instructors can insert a 0 (rather than leaving the place blank) to affect the final grade. Below is a link that explains how to quickly add zeros for all students who haven’t already received a grade for an activity.

Did you know you can view a percentage or letter grade in the course total for easy review? Customize your course total display in your Grader Report to show points, percentage or a letter grade. You can even display two of these at once!

For additional help, contact your LFC or Susan Hadjiyanis, Instructional Design Technologist