Duo Mobile and New Phones

submitted by krajewsk@augsburg.edu

The holiday season is a time for gifts and often those gifts are new phones. When moving to a new phone, ensuring your Duo Mobile is working will be important as Duo Mobile is required to access online services like email and Moodle. You could be unable to access these online services until your Duo Mobile is re-setup.

Here’s some tips for a smooth phone transition:

1) Use the iCloud backup and restore feature of your iPhone when moving your phone apps and data to a new iPhone. Tutorial: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201269
This will likely ensure Duo Mobile will still be registered in your new phone. This assumes your phone number is staying the same. Android phones may not transfer automatically.

2) If you run into trouble and still have your old phone, you can enroll your new phone at https://duo.augsburg.edu. Keep in mind you will need to use your old phone to approve your login in order to enroll the new phone. Keep your old phone on WiFi to receive the Duo prompt.

3) Set up Duo Restore in the Duo Mobile app by following the directions at https://guide.duo.com/duo-restore.

You can always contact your LFC https://sites.augsburg.edu/it/get-help/faculty-and-staff-support-lfcs/ (faculty and staff) or the Tech Desk https://sites.augsburg.edu/techdesk/ (students) for help. With limited hours over the holiday break, responses may be delayed.