Apply To Be Opinions or A&C Editor of the Echo (Paid)

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The Echo, Augsburg’s student-run newspaper, is looking for students interested in our positions of Opinions editor and A&C editor!

The editor of our “Opinions” section is responsible for curating, editing and writing articles centered on Augsburg student and community opinions and stories. Some examples of Opinions content topics include political comics, critiques of Augsburg administration and leadership, experiences of marginalized identities, political views and more.

The editor of our “Arts & Culture” (A&C) section is responsible for curating, editing, and writing articles that cover artistic happenings at Augsburg and in the greater Minneapolis community. Previous articles have included album/movie/show reviews, event coverage, interviews with local artists, and more.

Both positions are great opportunities for students who are looking to develop their writing, editing and leadership skills or are passionate about community and the power of narrative! Section editors are compensated $60 per issue, totaling $1200 for the whole year, and work approximately six hours a week.

*Pro tip: you do not need to be an expert in writing or editing to do well as an Echo editor. The Echo provides ample training and a welcoming team of support. If you’re interested, go for it!*

Please reach us at to learn more about what these positions entail. To apply, send over a cover letter and resume!