Lindell Library Lower Level Flooded Early Thursday Morning; Cleanup in Process

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The lower level of Lindell Library flooded with an inch of water early Thursday morning. A plug snapped off from the fire sprinkler line of Lindell Library’s water system, causing clean water to run into the mechanical room and the rest of the lower level. The entire space was flooded and nearly two feet of water filled an elevator. Public Safety learned of the flooding at 4:30 a.m. Thursday. The fire department, which was alerted by sprinkler system sensors, and Augsburg’s Facilities employees were able to shut the water off about 6 a.m.

First thing Thursday morning, Augsburg’s custodial team, who have been prepping campus for the return of students, removed much of the water. A professional sanitization company is finishing removing the remaining moisture and reducing humidity in the space. Augsburg will be doing environmental testing. The librarians and archivists have been going through the collection and archives housed on the lower level. Items that were higher up on shelving weren’t damaged, but some items were impacted.

Augsburg is working with professional sanitization and environmental firms to assess when the space will be usable.